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Skin-Care Comfort System

Line Beds' 7-zone Body Sleep adds ergonomic comfort:
1) Pocket springs that never disrupt your sleep with the ergonomic design. 
2) Functional mattress with the dual system consisted of "hard" and "soft".
3) 750 pocket springs that support according to the curvature of your body.
4) 7 ZONE BODY SLEEP solution suitable for human body.

Since the independent spring supports the bending of the human body as it is, it has excellent function to disperse, allowing you to achieve a comfortable sleep.
The independent springs are spring loaded, so you can press them like a piano keyboard.
It has the characteristics to minimise disruption caused by the person sleeping next to you turning around - the result: You can sleep comfortably.

Skin-Care Comfort System:
The Skin-care Comfortable System is dedicated to healthy mattresses that can allow you to fall into a deeper sleep with eco-friendly materials that help sleep. Our materials inhibits include antimicrobial fibres which can help to deodorize the bed as well as inhibit or block allergic diseases, and house dust mites derived from various wastes emitted from the human body, and inhibits the cell activation, bio-voice promotion.

Super Comfortable:
Line mattresses are committed to choosing only the most hygienic, health-friendly and environmentally friendly fabrics. We are working hard to offer a wide range of choices, including tencel, which is a natural wood material, with the mechanism of nano fabric, and natural-friendly hemp that absorb moisture and sweat, and soft, soft and warm organic cotton.
The Line Bed skin care system adopts only effective materials from breeding of mould, bacteria and house dust mites to provide a refreshing and comfortable environment and sleep.
We hope you will enjoy enhanced wellness with a skin care system that provides a deeper sense of trust and a lasting refreshment and relaxation.

Our mattresses contain are


Bamboo has the advantages of more antibacterial properties and durability than cotton fibre. Because it has a pleasant antibacterial deodorising function, it has a function to suppress odours and germs, and it has silky soft touch for a long time, so it does not give any trouble to sensitive skin.


Tencel is a nanofibre structure with fibre that when moisture is generated in the skin, it absorbs moisture quickly and transports it into the fibre. So there is no water layer that can grow bacteria on the skin. 


Hemp is an Eco friendly fiber that absorbs moisture and sweats well and emits a cooling sensation to the skin. It also has antibacterial content of 97.5% in the fibre itself, so it has excellent antibacterial and antioxidant properties.


The vegetable fibre of organic cotton is very eco-friendly and hygienic because it feels soft, it keeps warm and hydroscopic (the fiber absorbs moisture in the air)
With gentleness and effectiveness as its core benefits, Amicor bedding products have been scientifically designed to create a better sleeping environment for those prone to house dust mite allergy... And those who want to safeguard their own health and that of their children. 

While sleeping, the skin sheds flakes in the bed, this provides an ideal environment for the fungi, Aspergillus repens, to take hold of these skin flakes and turn them into a nutritious food for the dust-mite. By preventing the growth of fungi, the skin flakes remain too dry for the dust-mite to eat and simply turn to dust. As the food source is missing, the mites cannot live and breed inside bedding. Amicor does not affect mites; it is not a harmful pesticide and does not kill mites.

Amicor Helps Prevent Allergies

Statistics in the UK have revealed that 1 in every 5 children are diagnosed with asthma or allergic rhinitis. Babies are particularly vulnerable to dust-mite allergens from the age of six months because this is the point where the immune system inherited from their mother is at its lowest, before their own immune system begins to develop fully. The house dust-mite is said to affect 80% of sufferers, so it is still considered the major cause of indoor allergies. Pets and smoking make the situation even worse.After six months, the average child's new bed will harbor a colony of mites producing a significant amount of air borne allergens. Amicor helps to prevent allergens at source and provides a safe place for babies to sleep during this sensitive time. On the other hand, recent statistics indicate that adults are now becoming sensitized at any age - so asthma is not just a problem related to children, but for people of all ages. For those who are already sensitized, Amicor significantly reduces exposure to house dust-mite allergens while sleeping. Amicor provide a healthy indoor sanctuary from allergens night after night.

What does Amicor feel like?

Amicor is the fibre that goes inside the bedding. It is blended with the normal materials used to make the bedding at around 30% of the blend. It is a fibre that is soft and bouncy inside pillows and quilts, and feels smooth to the touch in blankets and bed linen.

Gentle, safe and soft

Amicor has been tested for skin safety in a trial that compared it alongside polyester and 100% cotton. Amicor actually measured 'less of an irritant than the 100% cotton' samples. Doctors agree, sleeping in an environment that helps prevent allergens at source will help to prevent sensitization for people of all ages and provide an enhanced sleep environment for those who already suffer from this disorder.


Our beds are designed and manufactured by Line Bed Company in Korea.
This is achieved by a combination of design and technical functions,
as well as the best quality materials not found in beds manufactured elsewhere.